Staff Training & Continuing Education


We create and provide any type of training you need. 

We specialize in developing culturally sensitive training for organizations providing services for older adults including assisted living, senior living, adult day care, and not-for-profit organizations.

Examples of Continuing Education Programs Provided

 Adverse Incident Reporting (2 hours)

Creating a Positive Service Environment (2 hours)

Comprehensive Social and Recreational Programming (2 hours)

Developing Cultural Competence (2 hours)

Three Showers per Week?  But, I like Baths – Service Provision from a Resident-Centered Perspective (2 hours)

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Continuing Education (4 hours)

“My Daughter Put Me Here” – Strategies to Assist Residents to Adjust to their New Home (2 hours)      

Have other training needs not mentioned here?  We can help!  561-536-3670. 

ALF Core Training