ALF Online Core Training

Our ALF Online Core Training is Convenient and Cost-Effective

FSLA Online Core Training provided by Monica Wilson

Hundreds of trainees have given our ALF Online Core Training great reviews. We are thrilled every time we hear how beneficial a trainee found the course because we worked hard to develop a user friendly course that prepares trainees to successfully operate an assisted living community and pass the ALF Core Competency exam.Monica L. Wilson ALF Core Trainer

The course has been developed in partnership with Florida Senior Living Association and is taught by Monica Wilson

The course is designed for assisted living administrators and individuals interested in learning more about the daily operations of a community and how to meet resident care standards, facility standards and achieve licensure requirements. Our unique online training allows trainees to complete the core training education required in Florida Statute 429.52 and Florida Administrative Code 59A-36.011 at their convenience.


 Included in our ALF Online Core Training Course:

  • Downloadable e-manual, interactive videos and knowledge check-ins, module quizzes, test prep questions, mobile app access, and email support.
  • Expert training provided by experienced administrators and operations consultants including Monica Wilson, M.S., Donna Crivaro, R.N., and Kathy Nelson, RDN, LD/N.
  • Best Practice Tips shared by current AL administrators and staff.
  • Monica is available to answer questions about the Core training content by email and phone.
  • Florida Senior Living Association is available to help you navigate the learning management system.

The cost of the course is $249. Click here to register.

It’s convenient and cost-effective and enables you to work at your own pace. We do require that you complete the course within 60 days. We have years of experience successfully providing this training and our experience tells us that completing the course in a time-frame that allows for consistent, regular interaction with the content increases one’s understanding and mastery of the material.

Please note that once the course is accessed, no refunds will be given. If you have an unusual circumstance that prevents you from completing the course within 60 days, a one-time short-term extension may be provided on a case by case basis.

Once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion and we notify the MacDonald Research Institute that you have completed the required ALF Core training. We recommend you take the ALF Core Competency exam as soon as possible after completing the ALF Core training.


ALF Online Core Review Quizzes

The ALF Online Core Review Quizzes module is now available to help you successfully pass the core exam administered by the MacDonald Research Institute (TMRI). This compilation includes five (5) quizzes with hundreds of questions randomized from a large bank of test questions. You must complete the FSLA ALF Online Core Training Program before gaining access to the Review Quizzes. The Review Quizzes are not a substitute for the training, but a resource to help apply your knowledge and test your strengths and weaknesses in all content areas to be the most prepared for exam day. *pre-requisite: FSLA ALF Online Core Training Program 

When you register for the ALF Online Core Training Program, you will have the option to purchase the ALF Online Review Quizzes as a Bundle with the ALF Online Core Training. (Bundled price is $299.)


ALF Administrator Competency Exam

The ALF Core Competency exam is administered by the MacDonald Research Institute (TMRI) for the State of Florida. Visit the MacDonald Research Institute’s website for information on available test dates, locations and testing policies. The fee for the exam is $200 and is payable to TMRI.  Questions regarding the ALF Core Competency Test may be directed to TMRI at 813-991-0444 or by emailing [email protected].


What People Are Saying About Our Course

I found the real life experiences and comparisons and citing and explaining regulations helpful. I will never discard my course notes and regulatory references.

-- J.G.

Thank you for this course. I successfully passed my exam and have received my card. Not sure what my score was but will reach out to them to see if I can get that information. Thank you again, I couldn't have been successful without this course.

-- S.T.

I benefited from the reiterating of important information. I have taken this course previously in person through a different instructor and did not learn a fraction of what I learned with this program!! Thank you for the concise teaching!!!

-- R.C.

I was very impressed with how well this course was put together. I learned that I am ready to sit for the exam and move forward with my goal of becoming an Executive Director.  The elderly are my passion and my calling!

-- K.M.

I enjoyed the course. I learned so much. I will apply this knowledge to my everyday nursing practice, especially state surveys.

-- Y.M.

I liked the small tests along the way. I like all the presenters and the best practices. I learned what I need to further review and study to get my certification.

-- D.C.

Monica's instruction portions were wonderful. Very easy to stay focused and engaged. I learned more about the continued residency which I am currently fighting for one of our residents so we can keep them at the community. I am using the regulation we discussed and it is being run up the chain of command.

-- L.P.

The pop-up quizzes along the way of certain sections was extremely helpful in keeping me engaged. Great online training. I learned a lot more on the Administrator side which was my goal.  I have been in sales for the past 5 years this will help my transition back into operations.

-- A.G.

Dear Ms. Wilson,

A few lines to thank you for teaching and making this course a reality. It was so nice to see you each day via the Internet, and learn the proper way to manage an ALF.

There were days that I wondered why did I get into this class...then you, or any of your guests came in, and I no longer had doubts. I wanted to become a part of those administrators that guard with care and compassion the final years of the vulnerable population. 

I look forward to a day when I can personally thank you for helping me reach this goal. Please take care and be safe. May the good Lord bless you.

-- C.G.


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